Turkish Ceramics Federation

The object of the Federation is;

To seek solutions to the common economic, social and technical problems of associations engaged in the production, sales and marketing of any type of industrial and artistic ceramics, porcelain, refractories and their raw materials;

To support their research, development and technical production efforts on raising product quality and productivity,

To ensure swift and accurate exchange of information between them,

To ensure products and operations thereof to be promoted domestically and internationally, 

To establish, encourage, participate in and support organizations, consortiums, partnerships and groups which will allow the industry to progress in terms of economy, science, technology, culture and trade,

To ensure that production and trade in the industry develops in line with professional ethics and public interest in harmony in a planned and efficient manner,

To prevent acts and dispositions which clearly constitute unfair competition in the industry,

To create areas of collaboration to allow its members to organize competitively under global competition conditions to enhance the efficiency of and to guide in line with national interest the Turkish ceramics industry in international markets organizing activities oriented to synergic results, 

To monitor and examine whether any type of products and substitute materials produced in all sub-sectors represented under the roof of the Federation either domestically or brought into the country by way of imports. Collaborates with TSEK, establishes laboratories and similar facilities which may determine standards as necessary,

Pioneers in establishment of rational relations between its members and/or organizations of which they are members, acts as arbitrator in case of any disputes among them upon request,

Carries out initiatives for determining problems like raw material, energy, credit, manpower procurement, technology and method development, etc., of its members and/or organizations of which they are members and to find solutions for the same before public agencies, organizations, entities and other professional organizations,  

Encourages by any possible aid and support the activities of science, professional education and training institutions and similar organizations in these fields, pioneers in making use of results of such research,

Forms units like R&D laboratories or Ceramics Institute for carrying out scientific research domestically and internationally on production and quality test norms and marketing techniques for sub-sectors represented by its members or joins and gives support to endeavors in this regard, 

Monitors technological developments and announces them swiftly to its members, 

Attempts to prevent operations which manifestly constitute unfair competition to the detriment of its members under Turkish Commercial Code and in terms of business ethics, takes necessary measures, resorts to legal remedies if necessary,

Procures and announces to its members the domestic and international statistical information and data in connection with the industry and all sub-sectors. Stores data and forms systematic information archives on these subjects. Carries out and notifies to its members required research on market prices, unit prices and price analyses,

Develops common promotion and advertising techniques for encouraging the use and increasing the market share of industry products domestically and abroad, carries of effective activities including sponsorship to that end, 

May establish relations and carry out common activities with domestic and international societies, associations and organizations subject to fulfillment of legal requirements, to that end, may become member of associations and confederations established abroad and locally, 

May organize seminars, conferences, panels and similar meetings, may publish magazines, bulletins, books or brochures, organize expositions or trade fairs and participate in domestic and international trade fairs,

Exclusively seeking to realize its object, may establish non-profit sharing economic enterprises.