SERSA 2007 General Meeting held

SERSA 2007 General Meeting held

SERSA Ceramic Sanitary Ware Manufacturers Association General Meeting was held at Ceramics Federation Headquarters Building on March 23, 2007. Operations carried out in 2004-2006 were presented as a report at the General Meeting attended by most members. At the meeting, operations to be carried out in the upcoming two year period were resolved and members of Board of Directors were elected unanimously.

Hence, SERSA Board of Directors comprised the following; Birgi from Ege Seramik, Erdem Çenesiz from Ece Banyo, Erol Arat from Çanakçılar, Haluk Bayraktar from Eczacıbaşı Yapı Gereçleri, Tolun Vural from Serel, Hasan Sazcı from Kale Seramik, Birol Bilgiçler from Heriş, Nazmiye Vural from Toprak Seramik and İsmail Tüfekçi from Esvit. İsmail Hakkı Doğan, Ferruh Baran and Müfit Ülke were elected as principal members of Board of Auditors; and Bahattin Özen, Cüneyt Ersoylu and Ahmet Ulukuş were elected as principal members of Discipline Committee.

After the division of labor carried out at the first Board of Directors meeting following the General Meeting; Birgi Çekçi was elected as Chairman of Board of Directors, Erdem Çenesiz and Erol Arat as Deputy Chairmen of Board of Directors and İsmail Tüfekçi as Accountant Member. It was resolved unanimously that Germiyan Saatçioğlu serve as Secretary General.

The sanitary ware sector, which exports 75 % of its output, is the biggest exporter in Europe in its field. The competitive power of Turkish ceramic sanitary ware sector in world markets is progressively increasing, thanks to its ever-growing production capacity, investments in modern technology and its high quality advantages. Firms, which are members of SERSA, which was founded to bring together the undertakings which manufacture any type of ceramic sanitary ware in the Turkish ceramics industry, represent a force achieving 75 % of capacity and 90 % of exports in the industry. The objective of SERSA may be summarized as: Bringing together the ceramics sanitary ware manufacturers in Turkish ceramic industry, guiding manufacturers and their employees in terms of professional, social and economic aspects, creating common areas of cooperation to allow members to organize competitively under conditions brought about by global competition, organizing joint action oriented to synergic results, increasing market share and creating new areas of utility, increasing the effectiveness of the products of the ceramics industry; and in international markets, taking initiatives for increasing the market share of and promoting Turkish ceramic ware and seeking solutions to common problems of members in various fields.