New management for Turkish Ceramics Association

New management for Turkish Ceramics Association

Turkish Ceramics Association, a member of Ceramics Federation, is continuing its activities with new management and new headquarters. The new Board of Directors of the Association elected at the General meeting held on May 27, 2006 comprises Ahmet Tahsin Yamaner, Tolun Vural, Hasan Mandal, Beril Anılanmert, Taner Kavas, Veli Uz, Ateş Arcasoy, Zehra Çobanlı, Hasan Sazcı and Mehmet Çiftçi. According to the division of labor carried out at the first Board Meeting held after the General Meeting, Ahmet Tahsin Yamaner was elected as the Chairman of the Board, Tolun Vural as Deputy Chairman, Industrial Discipline, Hasan Mandal as Deputy Chairman, Science Discipline, Beril Anılanmert as Deputy Chairman, Art Discipline and Hasan Sazcı as Accounting Member.

The principal members of the Board of Auditors of the Association are Ayhan Çavuşoğlu, Bekir Karasu and Basri Sezer; with Yüksel Güner, Sadi Diren and Lütfi Öveçoğlu serving in the Board of Consultants.

Turkish Ceramics Association, which changed its headquarters will, from now on, continue with its activities at the Ceramics Federation Headquarters.

The Turkish Ceramics Association established in 1990 under the leadership of Basri Sezer and Yüksel Güner was founded for development of the subject of ceramics in our country in all aspects and enhancement of its effectiveness. TSD, which has put its signature under numerous events since it was established, has held seminars, conventions, panels, art competitions and exhibitions and has successfully published magazines, catalogs and papers. The Association, making its name heard in international platforms with a membership of over 1,000, is at the same time a member of ECerS and IEI International Enamellers Institute where it has been serving as President since 2003. Among Honarary Members of TSD are important names of the ceramics industry like Nejat Eczacıbaşı, Füreya Koral, İbrahim Bodur, Şahap Kocatopçu, Rebii Gorbon, Sadi Diren, Basri Sezer, Yüksel Güner and Oktay Tekin Orhun.

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