Menemen III. International Art Festival and Pottery Contest

Menemen III. International Art Festival and Pottery Contest

The jug which has become almost a symbol of Menemen’s Izmir district, one of the best known of traditional forms of pottery, has become one of the most significant sources of income for the district and has been produced until now, maintaining its traditionality over the years.

For the last three years, Menemen Municipality has been holding international contests on the occasion of the “Culture, Art and Independence Festival” the 20th of which is celebrated today, on the 84th anniversary of the rescue of Menemen District to promote the traditional pottery production of the region all over the world and also in Turkey. Starting as an international festival, hosting its foreign guests for the first time last year, ceramic fine artist Tüzüm Kızılcan, Dokuz Eylül University F.F.A. Ceramics Department member of faculty Asst. Prof. Halil Yoleri, ceramic fine artist Tufan Dağıstanlı, Süleyman Demirel University F.F.A. Ceramics Head Asst. Prof. Serap Ünal, Paintings and Sculptures Museum Conservation Association Chairman Yıldız Şima, Dokuz Eylül University F.F.A. Ceramics Department member of faculty Asst. Prof. Candan Güngör served as jury members at the contests participated in by pottery craftsmen from Aydın Karacasu, Isparta Süleyman Demirel University and Menemen and artists.

The contestants participating in the international Master Craftsmen Contest in the Aesthetics Discipline created their free sized wheel thrown form designs in half a day, displaying all their skills. At the end of the evaluation; the first, second and third prizes were shared between two contestants each. The first prize went to Veysi Polat-Ayhan İde, with the second prize going to Ali Bardak-Ahmet Taşhomcu, and the works of Ali Koç-Bilal Deniz shared the third prize.

Technical discipline International Master Crafstmen Award, on the other hand was awarded to the Master Craftsmen who built the longest cylinder and the widest bowl in a time period of 30 minutes. Here, Ayhan Ide got the first prize, Bilal Deniz the second and Vedat Dura the third prize. In the Technical Discipline International Young Craftsmen Contest, Uğur Tokmak got the first, Ali Koç the second and Veysi Polat the third prizes.

Ceramicists hope that this festival survives over the years with increasing participation and interest in the upcoming years and that this event is started, spread and continued with in other traditional ceramic centers as well.