Demonstration of strength by the ceramic industry; UNICERA 19th International Ceramics and Bathroom Trade Fair

Demonstration of strength by the ceramic industry; UNICERA 19th International Ceramics and Bathroom Trade Fair

UNICERA Ceramics and Bathroom Trade Fair held in Istanbul in the month of April every year since 1988 took place this year from April 4 to April 8, 2007 at TÜYAP Beylikdüzü Trade Fair and Convention Center.

In the opening ceremony of 19th UNICERA Trade Fair held under the collaboration of TİMDER Building Installation and Supplies Association and TÜYAP Tüm Fuarcılık Yapım A.Ş.; Ceramics Federation President Adnan Polat, Tüyap Chairman of Board of Directors Bülent Ünal, Timder Building Installation and Supplies Association President Kemal Yıldırım and Muder President Ali Ayçenk were present.

The opening ceremony of 19th UNICERA Trade Fair started with a speech by TÜYAP Chairman of Board of Directors Bülent Ünal. Ünal noted that he was highly satisfied with the point arrived at by Unicera Trade Fair he had first attended 20 years ago. Ceramics Federation President Adnan Polat, who took the floor thereafter, touched upon the problems of the industry; stating that Unicera, which is recognized as the third largest trade fair in the world, will draw the expected interest this year as well. Timder Chairman of Board of Directors Kemal Yıldırım, who spoke next, stated in his speech he talked about the problems of vendors, that they founded Building Installation and Supplies Federation TİMFED, carrying their association to a further dimension and said that he was proud of the sector with what he saw at the trade fair. The opening ceremony came to and end by cutting of the opening ribbon of UNICERA 2007. Those attending the opening ceremony toured the stands under the guidance of Ceramics Federation President Adnan Polat.

Over 50,000 local and international guests visited the UNICERA Trade Fair where more than 70 firms installed stands, exhibiting tiles, ceramic covering materials, vitreous ware, bathtubs, taps and mixers, bathroom furniture and accessories and granite, natural stone, glass, mosaic, marble, jacuzzi and ceramic side industry products. Visitors from 50 different countries lead by Bulgaria, Israel, Italy, Greece, U.K., Rumania, Germany, Spain, Russia, U.S.A., Australia, Holland and Ukraine attended the fair.


The first one of events held as part of UNICERA Trade Fair took place on Thursday, April the 5th. Various gifts like coveralls, pens and lighters were distributed to craftsmen who came for the event held as the Craftsmen Day. A tour of the trade fair was offered after the meeting held for craftsmen. On the Architects Days held Friday April the 6th; following lunch offered to ceramic engineering students, the Career Day Conference was held with Engineering Department students. In the 10th ECERS Convention Student Presentation Contest held by Ceramics Association; Demet Tatar, who is working on her Ph.D. at Istanbul Technical University Advanced Technologies Materials Science and Engineering Department, won the first award.

At the press conference organized by Timder, held with participation of TOBB President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, the establishment of TİMFED Construction Installation Supplies Federation was announced. Afterwards, the seminar by Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu titled ‘Latest Economic Developments in our Country’ was given.


 ‘Ceramic Honor Awards’ find their owners in a ceremony

‘Ceramic Honor Awards’ handed out in an award ceremony organized by Ceramics Federation as part of UNICERA Ceramics and Bathroom Trade Fair since 2003 were awarded to the individuals who have worked in the industry for a long time and have been leaders in many fields this year as well. The owners of awards offered in 7 different categories comprised distinguished individuals who have made contributions to the art, education and industry of ceramics. Awardees were determined by Turkish Ceramics Association, TİMDER Building Installation and Supplies Association, SERKAP Ceramic Tile Manufacturers Association, SERSA Ceramic Sanitary Ware Manufacturers Association, SERHAM Ceramic, Glass and Cement Raw Material Manufacturers Association, and Ceramics Federation. Honor award trophies were designed this year by Prof. Hamiye Çolakoğlu.

At the ceremony held with wide participation of the ceramic industry;

Ayhan Çavuşoğlu was awarded the “Science, Art and Technology Discipline Ceramics Honor Award” offered by TCA. Born in Balıkesir in 1950, Ayhan Çavuşoğlu studied in Istanbul on Chemical Engineering and Business Administration. He started his career in 1977 in Emayetaş and worked in Ege Kimya from 1983. In this period, he worked at various levels at Ege Kimya. He served as Operations Manager in the partnership of Ege Kimya with Ferro from 1990 to 2000. He won the Weaver award which is the most prestigious of the achievement awards by Ferro Corporation for its employees in 23 countries in 1996, offered in the memory of its founder. In 2006, he resigned from Ege Kimya where he was Vice-President - Technical and started as General Manager at Keskin Kimya A.Ş. Ayhan Çavuşoğlu, who also served at Turkish Ceramics Association at various levels starting from 1992, was Chairman of Board of Directors of the Association from 1997 until May 2006.

Mehmet Tuncer was born in 1932 in Aydın / Çine. He started his business life with production and trading of olive oil and soap. In 1965, he offered feldspar he produced under the title of silica sand to Izmir casting firms, to be used in casting cores. He introduced feldspar to Çanakkale Ceramic Factories in 1967 and to Türkiye Şişe Cam Factories in 1968. Founding Kaltun Madencilik, he enhanced his operations on consumption of feldspar and quartz in 1986. He founded Sabuncular Mining Company in 1991 and pioneered in use of mica in the industry in addition to feldspar and quartz. Presently, there are 17 companies in the Kaltun Group. Mining, shipping, energy, agriculture, olive oil, animal husbandry and food industries are among the lines of business of the Group which has international companies in Italy, Spain, Malta and Egypt. Kaltun Madencilik is the firm with highest export figures in Ege Metal Exporters Union in the last four years.

“Ceramic Sanitary Ware Ceramics Honor Award” offered by SERSA went to Tahir Yalçın Çötelioğlu. Born in Izmir in 1939, Çötelioğlu completed his high school education at Kabataş Men’s High School. After completing the Ceramics Department at Applied Fine Arts Higher School (Today’s Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Ceramics Department), he gained the title of Dimplomingenieur (FH – Engineer, M.S.)  specializing in porcelain at Fachhochschule Nürnberg at Germany’s Bavaria Province. After he returned to Turkey, he rose to the post of Vice-President at Istanbul Porselen San. ve Tic. A.Ş. where he started his career. Subsequently he served at founding General Manager at SEREL Seramik San. A.Ş. and General Manager at Kütahya Porselen and Uşak Seramik San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

“Ceramic Tile Ceramics Honors Award” offered by SERKAP and also “Ceramics Honor Award in the name of Ceramics Industry” offered by Ceramics Federation was awarded to Ahmet Ulukuş. Ahmet Ulukuş was born in 1943 in district of Hamamözü. Ulukuş, graduating from Istanbul Yıldız University Mechanical Engineering Department in June 1964, studied for his Master’s Degree in the same University on heating, ventilation and air conditioning. After his military service, he started his career at Yarımca Ceramic Factory in 1968. Ahmet Ulukuş, who has been working in the ceramics industry without interruption since then, served as Plant Maintenance and Operations Supervisor in Bozüyük Ceramic Factory from 1970 to 1974, as Assembly Director and General Manager at Kütahya Porselen Sanayi A.Ş. 1974-1980 and as Factories Director, General Manager and Ceramic Group Head at Toprak Ceramic Group since 1980. Presently, he is Vice-Chairman of Executive Board in charge of Industrial Undertakings of Toprak Holding.

Sales and Marketing Discipline Ceramic Honor Award” was awarded to Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu. Born in Ankara in 1955, Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu graduated from Ankara Economics and Commercial Sciences Academy – Economics and Management Department. Serving at Armada İnşaat ve İşletme A.Ş. as Chairman of Board of Directors, Eskihisar İnşaat Malzemeleri A.Ş. as Chairman of Board of Directors, Eskihisar Dış Ticaret A.Ş. as Chairman of Board of Directors, Eskihisar İnşaat ve Yatırım A.Ş. as Chairman of Board of Directors, Fibor A.Ş. as Chairman of Board of Directors and Kristal Şeker Sanayi A.Ş. as Chairman of Board of Directors; has been serving as Turkey National Committee President of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and Chairman of Board of Directors of International Economic Relations Board (DEIK) and as Chairman of World Turkish Businessmen Council since 2002. He has been serving as President of Turkish Union of Chambers and Exchanges since 2001. 

Post-Unicera Trade Fair views…

Hitit Seramik Marketing Manager Çağla Yüksel Aydın
This year Unicera was very productive both in terms of international visitors and also national participation. We had quite an active trade fair compared to previous years. The technical porcelain product portfolio and exterior covering systems which expanded through new projects we completed this year were the focus of attention. Pool systems for which we have the capacity of producing all parts fully were another field of interest. Stone mosaics, where natural stone and crystal mosaic ware are batched we added to our rustic crystal and vitreous mosaic product range, was yet another line sought after by visitors.

Vitra Karo Marketing Manager Konca Çalkıvik
Like every year, we introduced our new product collection at Unicera Trade Fair this year as well. When preparing our 2007 collection, we analyzed the trends in the fields of decoration and textiles in the world. We developed our products under four main headings; natural materials, wall tile effect, black and white contrast and vivid, energetic colored lines. Reactions we got are very positive. What everyone says is that Vitra’s 2007 tile collection was really different and very dynamic and elegant this year where it is possible to find items catering to everybody’s tastes. This made us very happy. We are initiating an advertising campaign in May. As Vitra Karo, we will emphasize our porcelain ceramic products because porcelain is such a product that it may be used in different spaces and outdoor spaces very nicely as a covering material. Also, we started to produce one-on-one mosaic for the first time in Turkey. You will see these in summer months and they will appear in many locations.

Umpaş Seramik Sales&Marketing Manager Mustafa Soyal
When offering to visitors our 20 new lines in various sizes and floor and tile products in 40 different colors as Umpaş Seramik at Unicera Ceramic & Bathroom Trade Fair, the nineteenth of which was organized this year, we also got the chance to display our 30x45 products which will be incorporated in our wall tile portfolio. We are extremely happy that the visitor profile, especially international visitors was high and interested. The positive reaction we got both from international and also local visitors and also our authorized dealers tell us that our new products which we displayed captured the trains of present and Umpaş Seramik has further fortified its place in Turkish ceramic industry in the local and international markets. Therefore, our innovations will continue without interruption. I believe that one should be careful to ensure that trade fair dates do not coincide with holidays and international industry fairs, especially for foreign visitors. I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has part in realization of this trade fair on behalf of my firm and myself.

Elmor Marketing Manager Koray Koyuncu 
Unicera Trade Fair had a very special meaning for us this year. Because our E.C.A. and SEREL brands were two of the 33 brands selected for Turquality which is the sole government supported brandization scheme in the world. E.C.A. and SEREL, which are part of the Turquality scheme developed under the vision of ’Creating 10 World Brands in 10 Years’; are entitled to receive information and financial support on patent, utility models, industrial design, brand registration expenses, quality certificates, industrial product design costs, promotion, advertising and marketing operation, brand and decoration expenses for international units (stores, showrooms, shop-in-shop, franchising stores) and in all fields of consulting under the program for 5 years. This year we also got the chance to present many of our new products and product groups to our visitors. We offered complete kitchen and bathroom solutions to consumers from bathroom cabinets to bathtubs and from taps to basins.

Toprak Seramik  Marketing Manager Pınar Gürsoy    
The inevitable three components of our business; Fire, Water and Earth allow us to present different, pleasant, utilitarian products to every taste under Toprak Seramik range, being kneaded by art. Toprak Seramik ,while emphasizing that new identities may be created in bathrooms through horizontal and vertical models, décor borders and background choices; launched and re-launched new vitreous ware models like Nirvana, Armada, Potpourri, Tuana and Prizma Optima. 
Our concept at the trade fair is to stress how effective colors were in management of senses in Toprak Seramik’s designs and to create different concepts for modern age lines, using extraordinary colors and effects. Our 2007 collection, aiming at simplifying the classical style, warming up modern choices with colors, was very popular at 19th Unicera Ceramic and Bathroom Trade Fair.

Ege Pazarlama A.Ş. Member of Board of Directors and General Manager Mehmet E. Taner 
This year, we went through a productive trade fair process well above what we anticipated in Unicera 2007 Trade Fair. As far as visitor profile is concerned, we saw many more international potential customers compared to previous years. We established dialogs oriented to purpose with visitors from North Africa, Eastern Europe, Turkic Republics, Southern Russia, Arabic countries and even the Far East and we achieved serious advances in terms of product selection, exchange of business information and deals. In recent years, our trade fairs used to be rather visual festivities in contrast to international trade fairs where deal making was of essence. We hope and expect that in upcoming years, just as in international trade fairs, Unicera Trade Fair will incorporate sales-oriented activities. Because it is very important that the trade fair provides added value due to sectoral problems and lack of profits. We participated in Unicera Trade Fair with our Spring Collection ’07. We must diversify and deploy our product portfolio swiftly according to changing and regional tastes. I believe that in upcoming years, Unicera Trade Fair will develop its international identity even further and continue to provide significant business development opportunities to all its participants in a commercial sense.