We see that ceramics has been corrupted and even forgotten before the republic period. In 1950, with the industrialization move initiated in 1950, it came to the agenda and reached a very important stage in a short time and reached its present level.

Ceramics today is an important product that we love and intensely use for our society's artistic and industrial purposes. In this period, our educational institutions, the number of industry and society reached to thousands of ceramics. A great part of these ceramicists have created this day of Turkish Ceramic Art and our country's ceramics industry by acquiring ceramics. Ceramics, which have become such a large group of professions, have sometimes wanted to be gathered as an association or unity, and various attempts have been made that cannot be taken as a result.

Turkey in the beginning of 1989. Cement and Soil Industries Inc. Assistant General Manager (Technical) Basri Sezer took the views of some engineers and artists who engaged in ceramics and took the initiative. He established the first charter by communicating with the international ceramic associations. He also contacted companies in the ceramics and cement industries to sponsor them and organized a meeting in Istanbul by inviting people to represent various branches such as industry, arts and education. In this meeting, Mr. Mr. Basri Sezer was the founding president of the Association. Yüksel Güner was elected as the Vice Chairman and a Board of Directors was formed. The first official application was made on 27.12.1989 and the permission of establishment was taken on 21.03.1990.

As it is seen, our association which aims to bring together all the ceramic artists in the all organs, including the founder members, the instructors who teach ceramic, the ceramic industry and all the ceramicists who have been involved in the production, has started with the aim of creating a very strong power and solidarity and the following requests have been targeted.

  1. Improvement and effectiveness of ceramic in every aspect of our country
  2. Communication between the ceramicists, to inform the members of the developments in Turkey and abroad rapidly,
    • Scientific
    • Technical
    • Art
    • Economic
    • Social

    organizing congresses, seminars, conferences, panels, exhibitions and similar meetings

  3. Preparation of professional publications bulletins, magazines and papers
  4. Determining the problems and needs of our members and ceramics, seeking solutions and taking necessary actions in related institutions and organizations
  5. Informing our members about their activities related to ceramics in and out of the country and assisting them in their participation and necessary organization and coordination
  6. Public relations activities that can announce the achievements of our members and the developments related to the ceramic subject in our country to the society at home and abroad
  7. To be a means of meeting the needs of the workplace and personnel between the members of the ceramic producers and the industry.
  8. Establishing cooperation with the institutions providing education in the field of ceramics;
  9. To introduce the ceramic materials and ceramic art to the society and to increase the sympathy of the ceramic.