Ceramic Tile Manufacturers Association - SERKAP

SERKAP, with headquarters in Istanbul, has been established in1996 for bringing together under the same roof the companies manufacturing any type of ceramic tiles in the Turkish ceramics industry. The Turkish ceramic tile industry, which started to develop after 1950s, has managed to have a say today in the world’s ceramic tile production, especially with the major investment attack it carried out after 1990s. Firms among the largest manufacturers in the world with the largest plants carrying out integrated production under a single roof in the world are SERKAP members. The industry is eighth in the world and third in Europe with its production over 330 million m². The installed capacity, which was 255.1 million m2 in 2002 in the ceramic tile industry, where 24 manufacturers operated, has risen to 430 million m2 in 2013 with a total of 28 manufacturers. The production volume has risen from 162 million m2 to 330 million m2, domestic sales from 89 million m2 to 200 million m2 and exports have gone up from 72.37 million m2 to 88 million m2. The Turkish ceramics industry exports to more than 100 countries in 5 continents. The most important export markets in order are Germany, Israel, U.K., Canada and U.S.A. Turkey, which exports 30 % of its production, is the fourth largest ceramic tile exporter in the world today after China, Italy and Spain. SERKAP members represent a force accounting for 75 % of the total production capacity and 95 % of exports of the industry. SERKAP’s object may be described as bringing together the manufacturers in Ceramic Tile Sub-Sector, to provide guidance to manufacturers and their employees professionally, socially and economically, to create common areas of collaboration for competitive structuring of members under global competitive conditions and to organize joint action for getting synergic results.  Also, among SERKAP’s fields of operation are increasing market share and creating new uses by enhancing the effectiveness of the products of the ceramics industry in the national market, to make endeavors promoting and increasing the market share of Turkish ceramic ware, to seek solutions to the common problems of members on various topics; to establish institutions, consortiums and societies which will help the scientific, cultural, technological and economic development of the industry, to ensure that the industry takes part in international organizations, to supervise whether the industry’s manufacturing and trade are in conformity with professional ethics and public interest and to help them develop in this regard.


Ceramic Sanitary Ware Manufacturers Association - SERSA

SERSA, with headquarters is Istanbul, is an association set up in 1996 for bringing together the companies manufacturing any type of ceramic sanitary ware in the Turkish ceramics industry.  The industry, which ranks first in terms of production in Europe, produces close to 10 % of the world output. Presently, there are 9 large scale manufacturers in the industry. The largest manufacturing firms of the industry and the world are SERSA members. The installed capacity in the ceramic sanitary ware industry which was 194,500 tons in 2002, has risen to 330,000 tons in 2007. Production has increased twofold, going up from 123,980 tons to 260,000 tons, domestic sales going up from 48,100 tons to 139,500 tons; and exports from 77,260 tons to 120,446 tons, increasing 1.6 fold. The industry exporting 60 % of its output is the largest exporter in Europe with its export figure of 9 million pieces. Turkey’s main ceramic sanitary ware export markets are, in order, UK, Germany, U.S.A., France and Spain. Seventy percent of exports are made to EU member countries. Thanks to the ever-growing production capacity, modern technology investments and high quality advantages, the competitive power in world markets of the Turkish ceramic sanitary ware industry is progressively increasing. SERSA member firms account for a force achieving 75 % of the capacity and 90 % of exports in the sector. SERSA’s object is to bring together the ceramics sanitary ware manufacturers in the Turkish ceramics sector, to provide guidance to manufacturers and their employees professionally, socially and economically, to create common areas of collaboration to allow its members to structure competitively under global competition terms, to organize joint activities for synergic results, enhancing the effectiveness of the products of the ceramics industry, achieving market share increases and creating new uses, and in international markets, to make endeavors promoting and increasing the market share of the Turkish ceramic products and seeking solutions to the common solutions of its members on various topics. Also, among SERSA’s functions are to establish the organizations, consortiums and societies  which will help the scientific, cultural, technological and economic developments of the ceramics industry and to supervise that the functioning of the production and trade in the industry are in line with professional ethics and public interest and to prepare a setting allowing them to develop in this regard.


Ceramics, Glass and Cement Raw Materials Manufacturers Association - SERHAM

Ceramics, Glass and Cement Raw Materials Association has been established in 1996 with the mission of bringing together the manufacturers in the industry, to provide social and economic guidance to manufacturers, to create common areas of collaboration to allow its members to structure under  competitive conditions under circumstances brought about by global competition, to make endeavors for promoting and increasing the market share of Turkish ceramics raw material products, to seek solutions to common problems of its members on various topics, to ensure that the production and trade in the industry operate in line with professional ethics and public interest and to maintain its position of being the most capable representatives of the ceramics raw materials industry. There are 18 members registered with the Ceramics, Glass and Cement Raw Materials Association. Founding members are raw materials firms founded in their organizations by firms like Kale, Toprak, Ege, Eczacıbaşı and Serel, which account for a major portion of the ceramics production and 95 % of exports of our country. Among our members are large scale producing and exporting firms like Kalemaden, Toprak Madencilik, Matel Madencilik, Esan, Doğa Madencilik and Polat Madencilik. Beside these, among our members are medium and small scale firms which supply raw material to ceramics manufacturers and which export to international markets. The ceramics raw materials industry has made significant developments quality-wise and quantity-wise in parallel with the rapid advance of the ceramics industry in recent years. Turkey has an important ceramics raw materials reserve. The ceramics raw materials industry has export capability of industrial raw materials with its reserves of 400 million tons of feldspar, 100 million tons of kaolin, 5 billion tons of quartz and quartzite and 585 million tons of clay and has the capacity to make a major leap in the upcoming years.  The annual output of the Ceramics Raw Materials Industry is at about 10 million ton level, of which 5 million tons are exported. The industry has produced 354,423 tons of quartz and 4,595,890 tons of feldspar in 2005. Year 2004 exports of the industry amount to USD 134 million. The growth strategy of the industry organized under the roof of Ceramics, Glass and Cement Raw Materials Association is while on the one hand producing raw materials for the domestic ceramics industry which has become a regional production power, on the other hand, offering ceramics raw materials with high value added, to global markets.


Ceramics and Refractories Manufacturers Association - SEREF

Turkish Refractories Industry was born in 1940s; and after 1980s, has gained a serious magnitude by increasing capacity and diversity to satisfy the refractories need which grew especially in parallel with production of steel. The industry has recorded significant leaps in the fields of new product development and quality improvement in the last ten year period, reaching a level competitive with significant producers in the world.  Presently, 14 firms operate in the sector, employing over 3500 individuals. Despite the contraction experienced in the domestic market in recent years, starting a campaign on exports, the industry has expanded its sales operations it started with neighboring countries to USA and even the Far East. The exports of the industry for year 2007 amount to USD 135,595,894. The fact that Turkey is one of the world’s important producers in terms of quantity and quality of magnesite and dolomite, which play an important role in the refractories industry and her wealth of raw materials, are important advantages for satisfaction of this important input of the industry out of local resources and is a guarantee for the future of the industry.  Turkish Refractories Manufacturers Association was set up in 1986 in Ankara under the title of Ceramics and Refractories Manufacturers Association, moving its headquarters from Ankara to Istanbul in 1993, becoming more effective and productive, thanks to new amendments made on its bylaws.  SEREF is an association established by undertakings which produce ceramics table and decorative ware, technical ceramics and refractories of any type in the Turkish ceramics industry coming together and its mission is to seek solutions to the common economic and technical problems of such organizations, to support research, development and technology production efforts for raising product quality and productivity, achieving rapid and accurate exchange of information between them, ensuring promotion within and outside the country, establishing, encouraging, participating in, supporting undertakings, organizations, consortiums and societies which help the scientific, technological, cultural, economic and cultural development of the represented sector, to create common areas of operation and collaboration for competitive structuring of its members under terms brought about by global competition in the industry and by organizing common activities to get synergic results, to enhance the effectiveness of and guide in line with national interests the Turkish ceramic table and decorative ware and technical ceramics industries in the international marketplace.


Plumbing and Building Materials Suppliers Association - TİMDER

TIMDER is an NGO established in Istanbul by the leading building material vendors of the industry in 1988. The founders of the Association are Ahmet Baki, Ali Ergenç, Eyüp Şekerci, Faruk Targay, Hasan Tatarlı, Hüseyin Erson, İbrahim Dumankaya, Rüknettin Küçükçalı and Selahattin Erengül. The most important ones among the objects of the Association, which has made its principle to carry out conduct and activities in line with Atatürk principles and revolutions in our contemporary, laic and democratic country from the day of its inception, is to ensure togetherness and union among its members, to performs scientific studies and make publications to the interests of the industry, to be committed to consumer satisfaction and to ensure that social and moral values are furthered in business life.   The Mission of Association To contribute to the production in our country, of materials sold by plumbing and building materials suppliers To prevent unfair competition  To support common social, economic, cultural and professional needs  To ensure togetherness and unity between suppliers while helping solving professional problems  To ensure mass consumption by organizing trade fairs and exhibitions  To establish a bridge between the manufacturer and the dealer  To make publications about our industry  To contribute to education and training and to provide scholarships  The Vision of the Association To bring together the plumbing and building material suppliers operating in Turkey, to continue with expansion country wide by way of forming branches and the existing independent associations.  To respond to common social, economic, recreational, cultural and professional needs among members.  To contribute to production in our country, of building and plumbing materials, to ensure that the products are introduced to the professionals in the industry and consumers organizing trade fairs and exhibitions, to take place actively in the organizations of all domestic trade fairs to be held relating to our industry           To declare opinions on stand-alone basis or jointly with other NGOs as necessary for a contemporary, laic and democratic Turkey in line with Atatürk’s principles and revolutions, to organize seminars and meeting, to place adverts and make announcements regarding the same.  To organize meetings and scientific studies to pave the way for the industry, to generate reports or commission reports to scientists, to submit such reports to association members and to publish them.   To convey the most recent developments in the industry through TIMDER Magazine and TIMDER website to concerned parties, to advise its members of the most current topics and make their voices heard by their readers, to ensure that the magazine covers the entirety of the industry and provides accurate and true information in line with rules of ethics.  By providing training to its members on economics, finance, accounting, business law, sales management, use of time and other topics through TIMDER Academy, contributing to the development of its members, to employ professional instructors for that purpose. To carry out activities to ensure that its members take part in professional associations and chambers of trade, to carry the voice of the industry to the chambers of trade and industry.  To provide training and consulting services to members to ensure that there is no unfair competition among members. To make endeavors to ensure that the consumers trust and prefer Timder members in their shopping. To ensure that incentives like replacement of the product of the consumer who is not satisfied with the products sold by its members and its price is returned; taking back the product upon request, are implemented among members with the support to be received from manufacturers and announcing the same to consumers.  To introduce the association to those in Western countries, joining federations relating to our subject in the west, to participate in their periodical conventions and to monitor the development of the industry in Europe.


Turkish Ceramics Society - TURKSER

We see that ceramics has been corrupted and even forgotten before the republic period. In 1950, with the industrialization move initiated in 1950, it came to the agenda and reached a very important stage in a short time and reached its present level. Ceramics today is an important product that we love and intensely use for our society's artistic and industrial purposes. In this period, our educational institutions, the number of industry and society reached to thousands of ceramics. A great part of these ceramicists have created this day of Turkish Ceramic Art and our country's ceramics industry by acquiring ceramics. Ceramics, which have become such a large group of professions, have sometimes wanted to be gathered as an association or unity, and various attempts have been made that cannot be taken as a result. Turkey in the beginning of 1989. Cement and Soil Industries Inc. Assistant General Manager (Technical) Basri Sezer took the views of some engineers and artists who engaged in ceramics and took the initiative. He established the first charter by communicating with the international ceramic associations. He also contacted companies in the ceramics and cement industries to sponsor them and organized a meeting in Istanbul by inviting people to represent various branches such as industry, arts and education. In this meeting, Mr. Mr. Basri Sezer was the founding president of the Association. Yüksel Güner was elected as the Vice Chairman and a Board of Directors was formed. The first official application was made on 27.12.1989 and the permission of establishment was taken on 21.03.1990. As it is seen, our association which aims to bring together all the ceramic artists in the all organs, including the founder members, the instructors who teach ceramic, the ceramic industry and all the ceramicists who have been involved in the production, has started with the aim of creating a very strong power and solidarity and the following requests have been targeted. Improvement and effectiveness of ceramic in every aspect of our country Communication between the ceramicists, to inform the members of the developments in Turkey and abroad rapidly, Scientific Technical Art Economic Social organizing congresses, seminars, conferences, panels, exhibitions and similar meetings Preparation of professional publications bulletins, magazines and papers Determining the problems and needs of our members and ceramics, seeking solutions and taking necessary actions in related institutions and organizations Informing our members about their activities related to ceramics in and out of the country and assisting them in their participation and necessary organization and coordination Public relations activities that can announce the achievements of our members and the developments related to the ceramic subject in our country to the society at home and abroad To be a means of meeting the needs of the workplace and personnel between the members of the ceramic producers and the industry. Establishing cooperation with the institutions providing education in the field of ceramics; To introduce the ceramic materials and ceramic art to the society and to increase the sympathy of the ceramic.