Turkish Ceramics Federation

The first association was established in Ankara in 1986 under the title of Ceramic and Refractories Manufacturers Association to bring together the manufacturers in the Turkish ceramics industry. 

In 1993, the Association Headquarters moved from Ankara to Istanbul, becoming more effective and efficient through new amendments made in its by-laws. However, reasons like the Turkish Ceramics Industry gaining higher dimensions and the necessity to become integrated with the world have caused the problems interest and engagement areas of the sub-sectors under the roof of the Association to diversify. As a result of this development, the sub-sectors have restructured in 1996 as four individual Associations as; 

SERKAP Ceramic Tile Manufacturers Association 
SERSA Ceramic Sanitary Ware Manufacturers Association 
SEREF Ceramic and Refractories Manufacturers Association 
SERHAM Ceramic, Glass and Cement Raw Materials Association 

As a result of the resolutions adopted by association boards of directors in 2001, initiatives were started for founding of the Ceramic Federation, bringing these four associations and the other organizations in the industry under the same roof. 

At the end of 2002, with participation of also Installation and Building Materials Suppliers Association (TİMDER), these leader organizations representing the ceramic tile, vitreous ware, refractory and raw material manufacturers have joined under a roof. Turkish Ceramics Association (TSD), too, has joined the Federation, completing the necessary bureaucratic procedures and beside manufacturers and dealers forming the sales channels, scientists and ceramic fine artists have also joined the Federation. 

Headquarters located in Eskisehir EBK Ceramics Cluster Association in 2011, Turkey has been included under the umbrella of Ceramics Federation. The association aims to organize cluster formation, to promote R & D activities, to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, to establish business networks between actors, to facilitate cluster formation activities, to strengthen factor conditions, to develop cluster base, to develop cultural, professional, technical, to provide cooperation, solidarity and information exchange in administrative matters, to collect under the umbrella of real and legal persons engaged in manufacturing industry and sales; to protect their common interests, to assist in the construction of the machinery-equipment raw materials that they need, to make it easier to find a market, and as a result, to strengthen all the members together.

Ceramics Federation, which represents the industry with all its disciplines, is of great importance in respect of the development of the industry and satisfaction of common problems and requirements.