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  News / SERFED brought together authorities of DTM and members of ceramics sector
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SERFED brought together authorities of DTM and members of ceramics sector
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SERFED brought together authorities of DTM and members of ceramics sector

Turkish Ceramics Federation organized a sectoral information meeting with the attendance of Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade in Point Hotel Barbaros in June 20, 2011.

Head of Department, G. Müge Varol ILICAK, Head of Department Bünyamin KUTLU, Foreign Trade Specialists Süleyman CANIDEMİR, Mustafa İlker ÖZDEM, Fatma Derya KOÇ and Junior Foreign Trade Specialist Yılmaz BOZKURT from Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade attended to the meeting. With a high level of participation from ceramics sector, Chairman Board of Directors of Serfed Zeynep Bodur Okyay made the opening statement of the meeting and stated there were problems of ceramics sector and governmental bodies were trying to generate solutions to these problems. President of SERFED emphasized the significance of contributions of government promotions in the growth of exports and said “promotions in past were adequate for the time but today’s promotions must be arranged according to today’s conditions of changing economy.” Zeynep Bodur Okyay who privately offered her thanks to delegates of Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade gave the word to Head of Department from Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade, G. Müge Varol ILICAK.

Ilıcak said during their visit to SERFED Zeynep Bodur Okyay and secretary general Germiyan Saatçioğlu both devoted close attention to them and they were glad to see that SERFED had organized such a high level participated meeting in such a short time. Ilıcak, mentioned the department which she is the head always stand by for the members of the sector and she asked to be approached about their problems. After the opening statements, three papers entitled “Developing International Competitiveness”, “Promotions of Foreign Expositions”, “Turquality, Brandization, and Research and Development Supports” were presented by the Specialists of Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade.

The promotions of DTM to develop exports were explained in detail. The detailed information about those promotions can be received via http://www.dtm.gov.tr.

Especially the promotions in brandization were attracted attention. Junior Foreign Trade Specialist Yılmaz BOZKURT who gave information about the firms which were supported in the extend of Turquality and brandization said there have been 179 firms applied to DTM now and 72 of them were supported in the extent of Turquality and 28 of them in the brandization and 100 firms were supported in total. He also mentioned except those, 20 firms were supported in the extent of brand and completed their promotion periods.

After the presentations, during the question answer part members of ceramics sector asked about promotions in foreign trade and told their wants to authorities of DTM.

In the closing statement, Head of Department from Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade, G. Müge Varol ILICAK said their aim of organizing this meeting with SERFED was to create awareness and to announce the contributions of government to develop exports. Ilıcak also mentioned they target to strengthen the relation between the members of ceramics sector and undersecretariat, and again emphases she and her team stand by for the problems and demands of the sector.


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