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Transportation costs in the ceramics industry holds a very important place among total cost due to the nature of ceramic ware. The fact that the transportation network in the country is predominantly land based and inadequate sea and railway links cause the transportation cost of the sector in the domestic and also export markets to be high.

Domestic carriage of products from their areas of production and transportation from Istanbul-Şile and Aydın-Milas regions where the most important raw material deposits are situated, to production areas cannot be carried out effectively as there are no suitable stations and loading-discharging instruments. Especially in transporting raw materials, unit prices of products are lower than finished goods; the land transportation costs of industrial minerals from the point of production to the point of export form an important input, affecting the competitive power of the industry adversely.

The load capacity of the ceramics industry is at about 15 million tons a year. Of this, 10 million tons are ceramic raw materials; the remaining being processed goods.

According to Istanbul Chamber of Marine Trade data, 91.4 % of exports of Turkey is carried by sea. The exports of the ceramics industry is an important portion of Turkey’s exports made by sea”.


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