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Value Added
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Value Added

The Ceramics Industry Is a Sector with the Highest Value Added

For our country to attain a sustainable economic growth, the “Value Added” in production must be generated more in the country. Because the development of the “Value Added” known as “Domestic Production” in the country forms the basic source of social welfare by way of more production and employment.

The percentage of foreign inputs among raw materials, auxiliary materials and other operating materials used in production of ceramic tile and ceramic sanitary ware is very low.
The imports made for the exports of the industry which are at the level of USD 800 million is only about USD 50 million. Therefore, the added value generated by the exports of the industry is about USD 750 million. This means that the exports of the ceramics industry are equivalent to exports of 3-5 billion Dollar value by other sectors.

Therefore, the ceramics industry is of strategic significance in Turkey, too, like in all countries by the “Value Added” it creates. The strategic importance and the high production potential of the Turkish ceramics industry must therefore be addressed carefully in this respect.


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