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The ceramics industry is a sector rather consuming intense energy due to the firing and drying processes during production. The share of energy among production costs of the ceramics industry is quite high compared to other sectors.

The energy cost is about 30 % in the Ceramic Tile sector and 20 % in the Ceramic Sanitary Ware sector. Therefore, energy prices are of great importance in the ceramics industry.

In our industry, presently, three main fuels as natural gas, LPG and LNG are in use in our industry. The breakdown of energy consumed by firms by type are as follows.

Ceramics Tile Sector
Firms Capacity (m2) Percentage of Total Capacity
Natural Gas Users 352.700.000 98%
LNG Users 5.800.000 1,6%
LPG Users 1.500.000 0,4%
Total 360.000.000 100%
Ceramic Sanitary Ware Sector
Firms Capacity (adet) Percentage of Total Capacity
Natural Gas Users 19.550.000 88,9%
LNG Users 1.600.000 7,3%
LPG Users 850.000 0,4%
Total 22.000.000 100%

For these two sectors, year 2007 natural gas consumption is 1000 million m³ and electricity consumption is 950 million kwh. Presently, the ceramics industry consumes 11 % of the natural gas used overall in the industry.

Share of Ceramics Industry Natural Gas Consumption in Total Industrial Consumption

The monetary value of the energy consumption of the industry is $ 160 million in average prices of 2004. We estimate that together with other sub-sectors (refractories, porcelain ware), the energy consumption cost of the ceramics industry is at about $ 180 million. As figures indicate, energy has an important place among the costs of the ceramics industry.


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