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In the significant rise of the Turkish ceramics industry, the commitment to product development has a major share beside the strategy of continuous investment in production technology. Turkish ceramic firms, which have expanded their product range progressively, gaining the flexibility of renovation depending on the requirements of the competitive environment in global markets in the field of ceramic tile and sanitary ware, have reached the point of forming a “Turkish Identity” which will enhance the chance to compete in product design as well. Here, indeed, the source of inspiration is the 8,000 year old cultural heritage lying on Anatolian soil. The designs, figures, motifs created by the countless civilizations which made Anatolia their home through the periods of their existence…

Turkish ceramics firms are carrying those never aging associations, looks and motifs of Anatolian history by a modern approach beside contemporary designs, to modern spaces through the interpretations of experienced and educated designers. The designs of Turkish ceramics come distilled by thousands of years old tradition, the accumulation of millenniums is re-kneaded with today’s technology and perspective, adding aesthetic qualities to life.

The “Selçuk” series is an example of design work oriented to the Anatolian heritage. This great tradition created by motifs which are miracles of geometry, statuesque architectural elements, façades and arch doors revealed by Anatolian Seljukis through their exceptional mastery of decoration and masonry work has been carried to the modern age to ceramic ware created by the modern technological means of our day, with their designs, motifs, colors and textures.

Another series has been created under inspiration by Bursa, another important ceramics center of the Ottoman period. This series carries the tradition imbibed through centuries to our day by a technology befitting the new millennium. The texture of the past has gained hygiene, comfort and modern aesthetics, thanks to the advanced technological means of today. The progressive spirit of the period comes alive today on floors and walls by contemporary lines through advanced technology and creative design.

“Iznik Tiles” is yet another series produced inspired by the Anatolian cultural heritage. This  series was prepared making use of the motifs created in Iznik which had the distinction of being the most important ceramics center of the Ottoman Empire. These designs and figures made centuries ago by Iznik ceramic masters, used as an architectural ornamental element in spaces like palaces, mosques, tombs and medresahs, entering palaces and mansions through utilitarian ware like vases, bowls, plates, are re-created by contemporary interpretations.

In addition to all these, the tastes, wishes and changes in demand of customers in 60 countries of export are monitored and the tastes in ceramics design are re-evaluated accordingly. To do this, if necessary, the production technology is advanced, new products are designed or designs conforming to international standards are created and placed on the production belt. Manufacturers also work with world famed, especially European industrial designers  in addition to Turkish ones. Thus, Turkish firms not only enhance their competitive power but also lead the way for the world in research and development.

Presently, as a result of new solutions developed due to spatial concerns in the building industry and architecture, wet spaces downsized compared to old architecture are in use. The reality that all natural resources of the world are being depleted fast has already started the human being to live through certain difficulties although this is not yet something a major portion of humanity is aware of. In place of vitreous ware using fresh water in amounts beyond the control of users, Turkish designers now are developing concepts with capability to achieve the function by a minimal amount of fresh water.

Turkish ceramics firms are able to generate solution by projecting or pre-analyzing consumer demand and expectations. Discussion of parameters forming design inputs makes it possible to create contemporary designs when the concept is executed in this direction.

CAD-CAM technologies used in product design have increased product quality especially in ceramic sanitary ware, shortening the design process. Considering the dedicated habits of each country in terms of design and also standards, firms have gained a significant advantage compared to their competitors in the field of exports by responding customer wishes very swiftly. Thanks to this experience of Turkish firms, products fit to every taste may be designed and launched. From a modern bathroom to a classical English style one…

Concave basins designed for the physically handicapped and basins and bowls coloring the worlds of imagination of children designed to their height are among the best examples of how original design comes to life in ceramics sanitary ware. The product groups designed for offering different solutions to different needs are produced by joint kneading of the concepts of ergonomics and maximum functionality.

Concern for the human being and the environment, being open to social and cultural developments, innovation, experimentalism and creativity are all principles which create the original Turkish identity in product design. Different lines, functionality, modern trends, novelties… One can see all these as the sub-headings of a single concept. “Turkish Designs”, while creating different lines and forms on the one hand; on the other hand, establish the equilibrium between the classic and the modern. They make it possible for tastes and pleasures of people without disregarding the functionality of the emerging product either.


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