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  News / The Ceramics Leg of the Project “Impact of Horizontal Implementation of EU Acquis on Leading Turkish Industries” held under collaboration of IKV – SERKAP
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The Ceramics Leg of the Project “Impact of Horizontal Implementation of EU Acquis on Leading Turkish Industries” held under collaboration of IKV – SERKAP
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The Ceramics Leg of the Project “Impact of Horizontal Implementation of EU Acquis on Leading Turkish Industries” held under collaboration of IKV – SERKAP

The Economic Development Foundation (IKV), seeking to make the business world and the public aware in the adaptation process to EU acquis started a project on February 16, 2007 entitled “Impact of Horizontal Implementation of EU Acquis on Leading Turkish Industries”. The project, aiming at the analysis of the impact of the acquis on 6 driver sectors (automotive, chemical, ceramics, cement, food, textile and clothing) comprises a series of seminars. The third one of these seminars previously held for the automotive and chemicals industries took place at TOBB Plaza on May 21 with the collaboration of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers Association (SERKAP)

Cérame-Unie Secretary General Rogier Chorus, Confindustria Ceramica Director of Economic and Commercial Relations Luciano Galassini and EKS Eczacıbaşı Karo Seramik Marketing Services Expert Berke Uğural attended the seminar which aims at forming a road map for the sector moderated by SERKAP Secretary General Germiyan Saatçioğlu.

In the seminar, basically the importance of the adaptation of the ceramics industry with regulations on free circulation of goods, competition, the environment, protection of the consumer, occupational health and safety under EU acquis was addressed and it was underscored that Turkey had advantages attributable to the economic integration under the Customs Union. Also, the adaptation of the Turkish ceramics industry to EU Directives were dealt with and it was stated that deficiencies should be cured. Changes which should be made on legislation were also discussed at the seminar where it was stressed that EU’s environmental concerns progressively increased in recent times. It was stated at the meeting that the reach directive on recording and evaluation of chemicals which imposed very serious responsibilities on manufacturers brought heavy obligations.

SERKAP Secretary General Germiyan Saatçioğlu stated that the ceramics industry became a sector creating high added value which is open to development with competitive power, thanks to the preparation activities for the Customs Union. Saatçioğlu, who said that the total magnitude of the industry has reached 2 billion Dollars, added; “We are evaluating all risks during the EU negotiations process. We still have to cover a lot of ground on the topic of environmental protection”.
In the first part of the seminar, regulations in the EU Acquis directly involving the ceramics industry were discussed. Rogier Chorus, Secretary General of Cérame-Unie, which is the largest representative with EU, of the ceramics industry which has an income of 60 billion Euro across Europe, in his presentation on the topic discussed the acquis topics regarding the industry under seven sections comprising prevention of pollution, climate change, other environmental problems, energy markets, health and security, domestic markets and trade policy. Stressing that Turkish economy has been integrated with EU under the Customs Union said that in the ceramics industry, the measures which must be taken are mostly in the fields of the environment, technical standards and competition.
Confindustria Ceramica Director of Economic and Commercial Relations Luciano Galassini (Italy), who took the floor on the topic of adaptation of the ceramics industry to EU acquis, basically addressed the same topics as Chorus. Galassini, stating that Confindustria Ceramica gathers the ceramics tile manufacturers together underscored that they prepared a booklet on the article on ceramic tile “EN 14411 (İng.)” of EU “89/106/EEC Building Materials Directive (İng.)” to allow the companies in this field to have a better grasp of the standards. Galassini also said that in Italy, voluntary environment management systems like ISO 14000, EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) andEcoLabel were used in Italy.

EKS Eczacıbaşı Karo Seramik Marketing Services Expert Berke Uğural, who spoke lastly following Galassini, described what kind of progress the Turkish Ceramics Industry recorded under EU Acquis under headlines.
Topics where adaptation has been achieved:
Adaptation to the Building Materials Regulation (EN 14411) has been achieved; CE mark requirement has been imposed, TSE has been designated as the institution authorized on standards by European Commission; Employment Act no. 4857 on Occupational Health and Safety was enacted on 22.5.2003 and harmonization has been achieved with the Directive on Ceramic Materials which come into contact with foodstuffs No. 2001/38 in connection with Consumer health and Protection.
Topics where no harmonization has been achieved:
No harmonization has yet been achieved with EU Acquis on the environment. It is envisioned that this subject will be addressed in 2008. REACH framework program will be joined when Turkey becomes an EU member. No harmonization was achieved with Acquis on climate change. It is envisioned that the subject will be addressed on 2010-2013.

Under the project initiated by IKV, seminars to be organized on cement, food, textiles and clothing sectors will follow the seminar entitled “The Ceramics Industry and EU Acquis”.


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