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Foreign Trade and Investment
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Foreign Trade and Investment

Our publication entitled “Foreign Trade and Investment Legislation/Loose Leaves” by our Center has started to be published in IGEME website, too, as of 2003.

Statutory regulations in connection with exports in Turkey are published by authorities in the Official Gazette in the form of laws, decrees, regulations, directives and communiqués. Information setting out various stages of foreign trade and investment regulations are brought together in our website. Thus, firms and organizations operating in the field of international trade may find such information at this website collectively.

Also, any amendments on regulations are processed within a system and as soon as possible in our website. We hope that this website prepared by our Center, considering that it is an unavoidable requirement for our exporters to take action correctly and in due time, following developments as best as possible.

This section prepared under the title of “Foreign Trade and Investment Legislation” comprises fifteen electronic publications.

1. Foreign Trade Related Laws

2. Export Legislation

3. Export Oriented State Aid

4. Domestic and International Processing Regimes

5. Standardization Legislation

6. Free Trade Zones and Foreign Capital Legislation

7. Investment State Aid

8. Foreign Exchange Legislation

9. Exports VAT Exemption (Export Exemption) Legislation

10. Import Regime Decree and List No. I
(contains customs duty rates applied to agricultural goods.)

11. Import Regime Decree List No. II
(contains customs duty rates applied to industrial goods.)

a. Chapters 5-79

b. Chapters 80-97

12. Import Regime Decree List No. III, IV and V
(List III shows customs duties applied to the agricultural parts of processed agricultural goods it covers, List IV shows the customs duty rates applied to fish and other fishery products and List V either decreases or sets as zero OGT rates of certain chemical raw materials and electronic industrial inputs.)

13. Import Regulation and Directives

14. Central Bank Communiqués

15. Foreign Exchange Legislation Related Comments



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