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Turkish Ceramics Association

We see that ceramics lost its values and in fact was forgotten before the Republic on our soils on which highly valuable ceramic works were produced through centuries by various cultures. Together with the industrialization movement started in 1950, ceramic has become part of the agenda and has reached its present level going through very significant stages within a short time.

Ceramic today has become an important product used by our society with appreciation and love for very diverse purposes, both artistic and industrial. Our academic institutions, industry and society have developed ceramicists whose numbers have reached thousands during this period. A great majority of these ceramicists have adopted ceramics as their profession, creating this day of the Turkish ceramics art and the ceramics industry of our country. Ceramicists, who have become such a big professional group, have, at times, desired to gather in an association or union with various attempts made with no result but today’s level was eventually achieved, going through phases.

At Ceramics and Refractories Manufacturers Association meetings, this matter was discussed once again by Mr. Basri SEZER and it was planned that the Association, seeking to bring together all ceramicists should be established in early 1989 on a widespread basis. Observing the intense wishes and requests by individuals to represent various disciplines like art, education and industry considered for founding members, by-laws were prepared and the first official application was filed with authorities on 27.12.1989.
Upon completion and following up of all bureaucratic procedures in line with the Associations Act, the official permit was obtained for the establishment of our Association on 21.03.1990. The initial meeting was formed as per by-laws on 03.05.1990 with founding members and as required by the by-laws, the Board of Directors, other bodies and sub-divisions were created.

As observed, our Association seeking to bring together all ceramicists including ceramic artists, ceramic academicians and those engaged in the ceramics industry and production, in all bodies including founding members, has targeted the following based on broad power and solidarity.

1. Development and enhancement of effectiveness of ceramics in our country has reached its present level, going through phases.

2. Establishment of communication among ceramicists and for notification of members rapidly, of domestic and international development, organizing;

  • Scientific
  • Technical
  • Artistic
  • Economic
  • Social

purpose conventions, seminars, conferences, panels, exhibitions, etc.

3. Preparation of professional publications, bulletins, magazines and announcements

4. Determination of problems and needs of our members and ceramics, seeking solutions and taking initiatives with applicable agencies and organizations as necessary

5. Notification of our members, of ceramic related activities domestically and internationally, assisting in their participation in the same and providing the necessary organization and coordination efforts

6. Public relations activities which may announce the achievements of our members and ceramic related developments in our country to the society domestically and internationally

7. Mediating in satisfaction of workplace and labor needs between members and ceramic manufacturers and the industry

8. Establishment of collaboration with academic institutions providing ceramics education and giving support to utilization of such education by ceramics institutions,

9. Introducing ceramic materials and ceramics arts to society, leading to enhancement of sympathy towards ceramics.



Turkish Ceramics Federation Atatürk Mah. Namık Kemal Cad. Ekincioğlu Sok. No:44/1 Ataşehir/İstanbul iinfo@turkishceramics.com
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