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Plumbing and Building Materials Suppliers Association

TIMDER is an NGO established in Istanbul by the leading building material vendors of the industry in 1988. The founders of the Association are Ahmet Baki, Ali Ergenç, Eyüp Şekerci, Faruk Targay, Hasan Tatarlı, Hüseyin Erson, İbrahim Dumankaya, Rüknettin Küçükçalı and Selahattin Erengül. The most important ones among the objects of the Association, which has made its principle to carry out conduct and activities in line with Atatürk principles and revolutions in our contemporary, laic and democratic country from the day of its inception, is to ensure togetherness and union among its members, to performs scientific studies and make publications to the interests of the industry, to be committed to consumer satisfaction and to ensure that social and moral values are furthered in business life.  

 The Mission of Association

  • To contribute to the production in our country, of materials sold by plumbing and building materials suppliers
  • To prevent unfair competition
  • To support common social, economic, cultural and professional needs
  • To ensure togetherness and unity between suppliers while helping solving professional problems
  • To ensure mass consumption by organizing trade fairs and exhibitions
  • To establish a bridge between the manufacturer and the dealer
  • To make publications about our industry
  • To contribute to education and training and to provide scholarships

 The Vision of the Association

  • To bring together the plumbing and building material suppliers operating in Turkey, to continue with expansion country wide by way of forming branches and the existing independent associations.
  • To respond to common social, economic, recreational, cultural and professional needs among members.
  • To contribute to production in our country, of building and plumbing materials, to ensure that the products are introduced to the professionals in the industry and consumers organizing trade fairs and exhibitions, to take place actively in the organizations of all domestic trade fairs to be held relating to our industry         
  • To declare opinions on stand-alone basis or jointly with other NGOs as necessary for a contemporary, laic and democratic Turkey in line with Atatürk’s principles and revolutions, to organize seminars and meeting, to place adverts and make announcements regarding the same.
  • To organize meetings and scientific studies to pave the way for the industry, to generate reports or commission reports to scientists, to submit such reports to association members and to publish them. 
  • To convey the most recent developments in the industry through TIMDER Magazine and TIMDER website to concerned parties, to advise its members of the most current topics and make their voices heard by their readers, to ensure that the magazine covers the entirety of the industry and provides accurate and true information in line with rules of ethics.
  • By providing training to its members on economics, finance, accounting, business law, sales management, use of time and other topics through TIMDER Academy, contributing to the development of its members, to employ professional instructors for that purpose.
  • To carry out activities to ensure that its members take part in professional associations and chambers of trade, to carry the voice of the industry to the chambers of trade and industry.
  • To provide training and consulting services to members to ensure that there is no unfair competition among members.
  • To make endeavors to ensure that the consumers trust and prefer Timder members in their shopping. To ensure that incentives like replacement of the product of the consumer who is not satisfied with the products sold by its members and its price is returned; taking back the product upon request, are implemented among members with the support to be received from manufacturers and announcing the same to consumers.
  • To introduce the association to those in Western countries, joining federations relating to our subject in the west, to participate in their periodical conventions and to monitor the development of the industry in Europe.


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