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Ceramics, Glass and Cement Raw Materials Manufacturers Association

Ceramics, Glass and Cement Raw Materials Association has been established in 1996 with the mission of bringing together the manufacturers in the industry, to provide social and economic guidance to manufacturers, to create common areas of collaboration to allow its members to structure under  competitive conditions under circumstances brought about by global competition, to make endeavors for promoting and increasing the market share of Turkish ceramics raw material products, to seek solutions to common problems of its members on various topics, to ensure that the production and trade in the industry operate in line with professional ethics and public interest and to maintain its position of being the most capable representatives of the ceramics raw materials industry.

There are 18 members registered with the Ceramics, Glass and Cement Raw Materials Association. Founding members are raw materials firms founded in their organizations by firms like Kale, Toprak, Ege, Eczacıbaşı and Serel, which account for a major portion of the ceramics production and 95 % of exports of our country. Among our members are large scale producing and exporting firms like Kalemaden, Toprak Madencilik, Matel Madencilik, Esan, Doğa Madencilik and Polat Madencilik. Beside these, among our members are medium and small scale firms which supply raw material to ceramics manufacturers and which export to international markets. The ceramics raw materials industry has made significant developments quality-wise and quantity-wise in parallel with the rapid advance of the ceramics industry in recent years.

Turkey has an important ceramics raw materials reserve. The ceramics raw materials industry has export capability of industrial raw materials with its reserves of 400 million tons of feldspar, 100 million tons of kaolin, 5 billion tons of quartz and quartzite and 585 million tons of clay and has the capacity to make a major leap in the upcoming years.
The annual output of the Ceramics Raw Materials Industry is at about 10 million ton level, of which 5 million tons are exported. The industry has produced 354,423 tons of quartz and 4,595,890 tons of feldspar in 2005. Year 2004 exports of the industry amount to USD 134 million.

The growth strategy of the industry organized under the roof of Ceramics, Glass and Cement Raw Materials Association is while on the one hand producing raw materials for the domestic ceramics industry which has become a regional production power, on the other hand, offering ceramics raw materials with high value added, to global markets.


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