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Ceramics and Refractories Manufacturers Association

Turkish Refractories Industry was born in 1940s; and after 1980s, has gained a serious magnitude by increasing capacity and diversity to satisfy the refractories need which grew especially in parallel with production of steel. The industry has recorded significant leaps in the fields of new product development and quality improvement in the last ten year period, reaching a level competitive with significant producers in the world.

Presently, 14 firms operate in the sector, employing over 3500 individuals. Despite the contraction experienced in the domestic market in recent years, starting a campaign on exports, the industry has expanded its sales operations it started with neighboring countries to USA and even the Far East. The exports of the industry for year 2007 amount to USD 135,595,894. The fact that Turkey is one of the world’s important producers in terms of quantity and quality of magnesite and dolomite, which play an important role in the refractories industry and her wealth of raw materials, are important advantages for satisfaction of this important input of the industry out of local resources and is a guarantee for the future of the industry.

Turkish Refractories Manufacturers Association was set up in 1986 in Ankara under the title of Ceramics and Refractories Manufacturers Association, moving its headquarters from Ankara to Istanbul in 1993, becoming more effective and productive, thanks to new amendments made on its bylaws.

SEREF is an association established by undertakings which produce ceramics table and decorative ware, technical ceramics and refractories of any type in the Turkish ceramics industry coming together and its mission is to seek solutions to the common economic and technical problems of such organizations, to support research, development and technology production efforts for raising product quality and productivity, achieving rapid and accurate exchange of information between them, ensuring promotion within and outside the country, establishing, encouraging, participating in, supporting undertakings, organizations, consortiums and societies which help the scientific, technological, cultural, economic and cultural development of the represented sector, to create common areas of operation and collaboration for competitive structuring of its members under terms brought about by global competition in the industry and by organizing common activities to get synergic results, to enhance the effectiveness of and guide in line with national interests the Turkish ceramic table and decorative ware and technical ceramics industries in the international marketplace.


Turkish Ceramics Federation Atatürk Mah. Namık Kemal Cad. Ekincioğlu Sok. No:44/1 Ataşehir/İstanbul iinfo@turkishceramics.com
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