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Ceramic Sanitary Ware Manufacturers Association

SERSA, with headquarters is Istanbul, is an association set up in 1996 for bringing together the companies manufacturing any type of ceramic sanitary ware in the Turkish ceramics industry.
The industry, which ranks first in terms of production in Europe, produces close to 10 % of the world output. Presently, there are 9 large scale manufacturers in the industry. The largest manufacturing firms of the industry and the world are SERSA members.

The installed capacity in the ceramic sanitary ware industry which was 194,500 tons in 2002, has risen to 330,000 tons in 2007. Production has increased twofold, going up from 123,980 tons to 260,000 tons, domestic sales going up from 48,100 tons to 139,500 tons; and exports from 77,260 tons to 120,446 tons, increasing 1.6 fold. The industry exporting 60 % of its output is the largest exporter in Europe with its export figure of 9 million pieces. Turkey’s main ceramic sanitary ware export markets are, in order, UK, Germany, U.S.A., France and Spain. Seventy percent of exports are made to EU member countries. Thanks to the ever-growing production capacity, modern technology investments and high quality advantages, the competitive power in world markets of the Turkish ceramic sanitary ware industry is progressively increasing. SERSA member firms account for a force achieving 75 % of the capacity and 90 % of exports in the sector.

SERSA’s object is to bring together the ceramics sanitary ware manufacturers in the Turkish ceramics sector, to provide guidance to manufacturers and their employees professionally, socially and economically, to create common areas of collaboration to allow its members to structure competitively under global competition terms, to organize joint activities for synergic results, enhancing the effectiveness of the products of the ceramics industry, achieving market share increases and creating new uses, and in international markets, to make endeavors promoting and increasing the market share of the Turkish ceramic products and seeking solutions to the common solutions of its members on various topics.

Also, among SERSA’s functions are to establish the organizations, consortiums and societies  which will help the scientific, cultural, technological and economic developments of the ceramics industry and to supervise that the functioning of the production and trade in the industry are in line with professional ethics and public interest and to prepare a setting allowing them to develop in this regard.


Turkish Ceramics Federation Atatürk Mah. Namık Kemal Cad. Ekincioğlu Sok. No:44/1 Ataşehir/İstanbul iinfo@turkishceramics.com
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