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The History of Ceramics Was Written in Turkey. So is its future…

UNICERA International Ceramics and Bathroom Fair is an international trade fair where the Turkish ceramic industry meets collectively once a year, promoting the newest products and the newest technologies of the industry. UNICERA, which is held in Istanbul in April of each year since 1988, will be organized in 2009 at Tüyap Beylikdüzü Trade Fair and Convention Center from April 1 – April 5.

UNICERA, designed and implemented jointly by Turkish Ceramic Federation, Timder and Tüyap, is developing and growing rapidly each passing year. The trade fair, which gained an international quality starting from 2000 as ceramic manufacturers started to play an active role in the organization, has the characteristic of being the ceramic and bathroom trade fair with the widest participant profile of the ceramic industry which has been gaining strength, growing year by year with its exports target of over 1 billion Dollars. The trade fair, where the most important  ceramic buyers and vendors of the Middle East, Central Asia and the Balkans come together, which has a large trade potential, has started to make a name for itself in other regions of the world, too.

Ceramic tile, vitreous ware, pools, saunas, taps, bathroom and kitchen furniture and accessories and publications relating to these are exhibited at the UNICERA Trade Fair where the manufacturers of Turkish ceramic industry which ranks 7th in production and 5th in exports among world producers will come together.

UNICERA, continuing to create a synergy in parallel with the development of the sector, brings momentum and contributes to the wishes of the end consumer and professional users and the product development abilities of manufacturers. The Turkish ceramics industry, which recorded major successes in terms of quality and innovative designs in addition to growth in recent years, has achieved significant exports besides satisfying domestic demand by products using modern production techniques. The Turkish ceramics industry, which provides a significant level of employment for the country’s economy in addition to exporting finished products, continues to be a major player in the world’s ceramics industry, going to the front in competition with the designs it develops.

Forty-two firms in total; 28 domestic, 14 foreign, have participated in the UNICERA Trade Fair which was first held 20 years ago in 1987 over grounds of 3,500 square meters at Istanbul Exhibition Palace under the title of “Bathroom, Ceramic and Kitchen Trade Fair) was visited by 8,500 people. UNICERA Trade Fair, which was organized under the collaboration of TÜYAP and TIMDER since 1997 was transformed into a collaboration of TIMDER, SERKAP and SERSA in 2001. In 2003, as the Associations were brought together under the roof of  TURKISH CERAMICS FEDERATION, the UNICERA Trade Fair gained even more strength and broad support. The number of countries sending visitors was 35 in 2003, this number going up to 51 in 2004 with a total number of visitors being 40,305. The trade fair, which was participated in by 296 firms and firm representations in 2005, was toured by 53,000 people together with visitors from 44 countries. The number of visitors was 37,320 from 51 countries in 2006, 54,305 from 51 countries in 2007 and 47,000 visitors with those from countries like U.S.A., Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Holland, Italy, U.K., Spain, Switzerland, Singapore and Belgium in 2008.

The UNICERA Trade Fair, installed by TÜYAP Beylikdüzü Trade Fair and Convention Center on an area of 40,000 square meters in 7 exhibition halls, where visitors get the chance to see new products, bringing together designs fit for the contemporary lifestyle with technology; where designers, manufacturers, consumers, importers, products and craftsmen meet, is of great significance not only commercially but also as a communication, information and culture transfer platform.

On the other hand, the “Ceramic Honor Awards” handed out by Turkish Ceramics Federation to members of the industry who have become prominent in various aspects like art, science, industry, technology, design, application and R&D go to the awardees with a ceremony held each year at this trade fair.


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